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  So your probably all wondering, Why do we do this?

"It has always been a passion of mine, every since I had my own paranormal experience as a teenager, to figure out why, where, when, and how these paranormal events occur. My own personal experience left me looking for answers, answers to things I just could not explain. My personal experiences as a teen were closely linked to the death of a close relative, (My Grandfather). When I was around 10 or 11 years old, after this happened, my entire family start experiencing strange phenomena that we couldn't explain.I personally had one incidence, where I was sitting in my room thinking about my grandfather, and then suddenly my light switch went down by itself. Another odd experience I had was my 16th birthday, and since I was named after my grandfather (Andrew Patchan) this story will make more sense. On my birthday, my family and I went out to eat at Olive Garden, my brother had made a happy birthday sign for me made out putty and stuck it on the table. The sign read "Happy Birthday Andrew", i thought it was funny, we all began to talk about regular things, memories, etc., when all the sudden my brother looked down and the "app" in happy was missing, it had vanished right before our eyes but we hadn't seen it happen. The strangest thing about this is the letters "app" were taken initials to my grandfather's name. I tried many times to debunk this personal experience as someone actually taking the letters from the table, like a child or something. However upon conclusion, my brother had been to close to the sign to not have noticed a hand come in and grab it right next to him..."

-Andrew Patchan, Lead Investigator/ Old Dominion Ghost Hunters President 


"Paranormal Investigating was never the plan when i came to college, but after watching a lot of the ghost show on TV and reading more and more books on the paranormal, i started to gain a bigger interest. Once I made the decision to join ODGH in the fall of 2010, and after i started learning about the paranormal, i finally figured out why i love ghost hunting and why I'm here. Its because I want to know what happens after death. My mission statement as a paranormal investigator is to push paranormal research from a pseudo-science to a real creditable science. With the evolution of new technologies we are coming closer and closer to understanding and finally finding out what really happens after death. "

-Alex Mcginnis, Lead Investigator/ Old Dominion Ghost Hunters Vice President


"Ghost Hunting for me reassures that there is something else out there and brings me comfort. I love researching as much as I can to always expand my knowledge of the unknown and paranormal. I am always trying to find new ways and techniques on contacting spirits and the world beyond by researching new equipment and using theories and techniques from other investigators and groups. For me it never stops, I am always on the move, and I am always interested. Every case I go on is a new experience for me and I never come out empty handed always learning new ways of conducting an investigation and proper protocol. For me Ghost Hunting is neither a past -time nor a part time job it is what I love and my new found passion."
-Jonathan Lucado, Veteran Investigator/ODGH Alumni-