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 A brief overview of the way we rank places and what each rank really means

  Note* We rank places of potential haunting for our official group opinion on several different levels. Please understand that we do only visit most of these places once, twice, or a handful of times so these opinions strictly reflect only our own investigations and empirical evidence that we've found.

-The first level is No/Little Activity, if this is true of a case, then we have basically no evidence, or any personal experiences to back up any type of paranormal activity. This status can include one or two controversial evidence clips or experiences.

-The second level is Suspicious activity, if this is true of a case, then we as a group believe that the place has potential for paranormal activity. Though we most definitely can't say it is haunted at this level, we can say there could be activity but an additional investigation may be needed in this case. This level of  activity usually includes a few personal experiences and some controversial evidence.

-The third level is Paranormally Active, a case that possesses this status, has many personal experiences and some reasonable evidence. Though we do not consider this to be a haunting either,mostly because it is missing that one piece of evidence or experience in our mind that would lead us to believe without a doubt that it is haunted. But  it still will be checked out for a second investigation and most definitely has the potential to be a haunted location.

-The fourth and final level is Haunted, obviously if a case receives this status is taken very seriously and is backed up by great evidence and proportional personal experiences, it can also be characterized by clear intelligent interaction. This level is incredibly rare and not reported very often by the ODGH.

Investigation                                                       Level Of Activity

Yorktown Battlefields                                            Little Activity

Dale City Private Residence                               Suspicious Activity

Quarantine Road                                                  Little Activity

Ferry Plantation                                                     Paranormally Active

Old Suffolk Visitor's Center/Prentis House      Haunted

Holly Knoll House                                                 Suspicious Activity

Riddick's Folly Musuem                                      Suspicious Activity

Byrd Theatre                                                          Little Activity

Fredericksburg Private Residence                   No Activity

Edenton Jailers House                                       Little Activity

Edenton Jail                                                          Suspicious Activity

Webb Library                                                         Suspicious Activity

Edgar Allan Poe Musuem                                   No Activity

Crawford Rd                                                           No Activity

Smyth's Cottage                                                   Suspicious Activity

Ramblewood Mansion                                        Little Activity

Standardsville Private Residence                     Haunted

USS  North Carolina                                            Suspicious Activity

The Christmas Attic                                              Little Activity

Exchange Hotel Main House                              Paranormally Active    

Exchange Hotel Kitchen                                      Little Activity                  

Exchange Hotel Depot                                         Paranormally Active   

Tillie Bond Cottage                                               Little Activity

Proprietor's House                                               Suspicious Activity

The Pack House Inn                                             No Activity

St. Albans Mental Hospital                                  Paranormally Active  

Norfolk Private Residence                                  Suspicious Activity

Chincoteague Island Manor House                  Little Activity

Avenel Plantation                                                  Suspicious Activity

Occoquan Inn                                                        Paranormally Active

Graffiti House                                                        Little Activity

Point Lookout Lighthouse                                  Little Activity

Weems-Botts Museum                                       Paranormally Active   

USS Wisconsin                                                    Haunted

Virginia Beach Private Residence                    Paranormally Active

Belle Grove Plantation                                        Haunted

Hill View Manor                                                     Haunted

Stables Theatre                                                     No Activity

Edgewood Plantation                                          Suspicious Activity

LaGrange Winery                                                 Little Activity

Oaklands Mansion                                              Little Activity

Old South Pittsburg Hospital                             Suspicious Activity

Old Church/Howard County Museum              No Activity

Valerie Hill Winery                                                Paranormally Active