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Who to Contact if?

You have a general question or comment for us


If you need help with paranormal on your property or home please contact us through email. (Email is Checked daily)

(We are in the business of helping people, so investigations are free of charge and can be classified confidential if needed.)                           

Email:     (Please include your name, contact info, and a description of the activity you are experiencing)

You have a question about the equipment we use or any other technical/equipment questions


You have a question about the history of any places we go or need help researching history on your own property


You would like to interview the Old Dominion Ghost Hunters, write an article on us, or arrange a media appearance


You would like to figure out a way to help fund an investigation for us, donate equipment, or any other financial questions 


You have a question or comment about the website


General Advice if you believe you may have a haunting:

You have basically 3 popular methods used with dealing with paranormal anomalies in your home/business.


1. The first option is of course, contact us or any other Paranormal investigating team and ask for an investigation, for instance our team operates with not only investigating the property, but giving advice and support for potential hauntings. However do remember, there is never a guaranteed solution to paranormal activity.


2. The second option you have is, especially if you do not want this entity on your property, is a priest blessing on the house/business and standing up for yourself and your family/employees, gathering up your courage and taking back your property and telling the entity verbally that this is your home/business and you will not allow it to take it from you. this has been very successful in many cases that we have helped with as well as worldwide. An effective example of this is too simply walk around your home/place of business with all involved (family/friends/roommates/employees) and simply walk room to room and verbally speak to the entity and let them know they are not welcomed there or that they can only come out at certain times (example being when no one is home, or when business is closed, etc.).Remember that when dealing with entities it can sometimes be like dealing with a child. If you simply ignore the entity things may get worse, if the entity is intelligent it may be trying to tell you something and can feel angered if ignored.

3. The third method is,  getting in touch with a credible Psychic or Medium that might be able to help tell you why a spirit is on your property and what its intentions are.