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 Welcome to Our Affiliations Page, here we have all the groups that ODGH is affiliated with and their contact information for reference. We only affiliate ourselves with the most highly  professional and respectful paranormal organizations.

Old Dominion University-

The University has graciously provided our group with status as an Official Sanctioned Student Organization of the University. They are our official sponsor.


The Northern Virginia Ghost Hunters, Andrew's original group, is for the most part a very small on-call group currently headed by Justin Patchan (Brother of Andrew). This group has 6 years of experience in the paranormal and can be contacted for paranormal investigations in the Northern Virginia area.  This group is a branch of ODGH.


The JMU Ghost Hunters are another student group based out of James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. This new and upcoming group is headed by Thomas Harbour, a close ODGH friend! This group is a very professional, and dedicated group of Student Investigators that can be contacted for investigations by visiting their facebook page.


The Virginia Paranormal Organization of Research was founded by Ken Mclein (a good friend of Andrew). His group is based in the Northern Virginia area and is directly affiliated with and supported by the ODGH. This a group of High Quality, experienced investigators.

Memphis-Midsouth Ghost Hunters-

Experienced ghost hunters and paranormal investigators in Memphis, Tennessee providing free paranormal investigations in the southern central U.S. states of Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Missouri, Louisiana and Alabama since 2001.

Paranormal Societies-

This group of groups organization has graciously posted our group to their website of groups in the VA area. This site has shined the light on the ODGH and for that we can't thank them enough.

The Shadowlands-

This top site and store (Ghost Hunter Store) is a highly experienced and professional site that has generously added us to there roster of professional groups and we will always respect and thank them for their great work and affiliation with us.

Ghost Hunter Store