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 This page lists all of our current equipment, and how it functions

The Equipment currently in our inventory:

EMF Detectors- Electro Magnetic Field Detectors detect electrical fields in the area (the same fields used to detect north on a compass), high electrical field readings/presence can mean the potential for paranormal phenomena. The theory behind this is that spirits are made of energy and can manipulate electrical fields in the air to manifest themselves in forms we can see and hear (examples footsteps, or a shadow figure). Recently many paranormal researchers have been using K2 EMF meters(top left in the pic below)  to communicate and manipulate the spirits EMF energy to light up lights on the device as a yes/no response to questions.

We have:

1 Cellsensor EMF Detector     

1 Ghost Meter

2 K2 Meters

1 Mel Meter w/ ambient air attachment

(We have the  top left, right 

R.E.M. POD-   This piece of equipment was specifically designed for ghost hunting. It basically pumps out an ElectroMagnetic field around its antenna (similar to an EM Pump). Even the slightest interruptions in that field will cause the lights to light up in correspondence to where the field is coming from in proximity to the antenna. The device also produces a alarm sound that intensifies as the disturbance gets closer to the antenna. We use this device to try to communicate with entities by having them touch or pass by the antenna in hopes of responses to questions that we ask.

1 R.E.M. POD

Geiger Counter - These are used similar to EMF detectors, they detect gatherings of radioactive ions in the air (also known as ionization), like EMF readings, high radiation spikes on the device are believed to be a sign of paranormal activity. The theory behind these is generally the same as EMF detectors, spirits can potentially manipulate the ions of radiation in the air to manifest themselves in forms that are sensitive to our own sensory perception.

We Have:

1 (Very Old) Victoreen Model

Geophones-  Geophones are highly sensitive vibration detection instruments. This piece of equipment is highly relied on in seismology to detect earthquakes or shifts in the earth's plates. In ghost hunting. we use these instruments to document proof of footsteps visually, as well as to sometimes communicate with spirits by use of knocking and tapping. These instruments can be calibrated to detect even the slightest tap in an area.

1 Geophone Box

Laser GridsLaser grids are now commonly used to help identify shadow figures and objects moving in an area of high paranormal activity. These advanced laser pointers allow us to pinpoint the location of a shadow or moving object in a room or hallway. The laser will spray out hundreds of dots onto the wall or area that you are pointing it, causing a "grid" to appear.

We have:

1 Laser Grid System

Thermal- Thermometers (non-contact and stationary) can detect paranormal cold and hot spots on surfaces (and theoretically) in the air that shouldn't be present under normal conditions, which are believed to be associated with paranormal activity. The underlying theory with cold and hot spots, is that if spirits are trying to manifest themselves, they can draw in the thermal energy out of the air, leaving a cold or hot spot where they have attempted to manifest their energy from. Though we cannot yet prove this to be evidence of a haunting, hot and more commonly cold spots are considered to be paranormal in nature.

We have:

3 Non-Contact (point and shoot) Thermometers

1 Stationary Temperature station w/ probe

1 Mel Meter w/ambient air thermometer


Audio Recording- Tape and digital audio recorders are commonly used in an attempt to capture evps, that is, electronic voice phenomena. These are voices recorded on tape that are not heard at the time, but playback on the recordings. Another useful audio tool to paranormal investigating is wireless audio microphone systems. The wireless microphone system hooks up straight to a laptop in order to provide raw audio recording feed that can be listened to live at the same time it is being recorded (in hopes of capturing evps).   Lots of times people mistake disembodied voices for evps. The difference is that disembodied voices are heard at the time and sometimes can be played back on the recordings. Evp's are not heard at the time (by our own ears) and play back on the recordings.

We have:

1 Olympus Digital Voice Recorders

1 RCA Digital Voice Recorder

3 Sony Digital Voice Recorders

2 Analog Tape Recorders

1 Zoom H1 Studio Recorder

1 Wireless Audio Microphone System



Still Photography- Still Photography was one of the first techniques used to record evidence of the paranormal. Photo's taken with Digital Camera's, as well as Disposable and developed film cameras, can show us quite a bit of evidence of paranormal activity. Though the ODGH does not spend a lot of time using still photography as a valuable source of evidence, it has been and can be used on occasion. Anomalies commonly found in still photography are usually mists, ectoplasm (gooey looking mist), strange light shaping, Orbs, shadow masses, shadow figures and full and partial body apparitions. These pictures can help to validate the presence of paranormal activity at a location.

We have:

1 Nikon Digital Camera

1 Canon Nightshot Camera


Video Recording- Infrared security cameras are connected to a Digital Video Recording System (DVR) in hopes of capturing anamolous activity in various areas of a paranormal location. Camcorders such as the Mini DV, Sony Handycam and Sony Hi8, are also used with infrared light and Night Vision lenses in hopes of capturing visual paranormal anomalies such as full and partial body apparitions, shadows, anomalous lights, etc. We have also recently acquired a full spectrum camcorder which combined with a full spectrum illuminator (light) allows us to see a broad range of the color spectrum that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The theory is that ghosts can mostly be seen within the Infrared (IR), and Ultraviolet (UV) spectrums of light that can typically only be seen by animals such as dogs and birds. This device will help to capture any anomalies within those particular parts of the spectrum. The common phenomena known as "Orbs" aren't considered by our group to be evidence of a haunting and quite honestly are hardly ever paranormal. Evidence that appears on these video recording devices can usually determine whether a place is haunted or not. If there is strong video evidence such as shadows, anomalous lights, vapors, or even the holy grail of evidence, an apparition, in most cases the place will be considered to be haunted. 

We have:

1 Sony Hi8 Camcorder

5 Sony HandyCams w/nightshot plus

1 Full Spectrum HD Camcorder

1 DVR Recording System with 500 GB Harddrive and built in Monitor

1 Swann Infrared Security Camera (used with a DVR)

3 Wired 30 led infrared Security Cameras (used with a DVR)

1 Wired/Wireless 30 led infrared Security Camera (used with a DVR)

1 Wired 48 LED infrared Bullet Security Camera (used with DVR)

2 Phantom Full Spectrum Illuminators

2 Phantom Infrared Pro Flood Illuminator

(one of our models)