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Our Great Team!

ODGH 3rd annual Cookout, 2012-2013 Team!

Back row left to right: Justin T, Matt G, Luke, Sean W, Andrew P, Katie B, Alex Mc, Kayla C

Front row left to right: Rahat H, Natasha P, Chelsea K, Synique S, Erica J, Chelsea V, Tori F, Sarah M, Haley B

ODGH Action Pose for the Monarch Magazine  Fall 2011!


Back row left to right: Alex Mc, Jon L, Azaria H.

Front row left to right: Andrew P., Alex Mo, Rahat H.

Ranks(From top to Bottom)


1. Lead Investigator (Co- Lead Inv. Requirements.- Selection by Lead Investigator, must have at least 2 years of investigating expierence)


2. Lieutenant Investigator (Requirements- decision of Lead Inv., must possess extensive knowledge of paranormal investigations and procedures and completed at least one year of investigations)


3. Manager Position/Specialist/Assistant (Requirements- Great interest in the paranormal and helping the group) (** only position that you can skip up to from club member**)


4. Veteran Investigator ( Requirements- Have habitual grasp on investigation procedures, participate in 4+ investigations, help to train others)


5. Investigator (Requirements- Know basics of an investigation, participate in at least 2 to 3 investigations depending on approval from Lead Inv.)


5. Investigator-in-Training (Requirements- attend at least 1 investigation)


6. Club Member (Requirements- Join Organization)



The Team currently consists of 34 official members (not all listed)



   Name and Rank   

Andrew Patchan 

Old Dominion Ghost Hunters President 


Lead Investigator 

Alex McGinnis 

Old Dominion Ghost Hunters Vice President 

Co-Lead Investigator 

Ember Nyx

Campus President

Lieutenant Investigator 

Active Members 

Joshua Rawson

Rahat Hossain

Ashley Barlow

Erica Jones

Jonathan Phillips

Matt Gomez

Natasha Pietri

Sammy Alonso